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Mold Inspecting, Consulting, and Testing

MoldFreeMaine is a leading mold inspection, consulting, and indoor air testing company for all areas of Maine. We are a professional residential and commercial indoor air quality service in state of the art inspections and testing of indoor contaminants. We can also provide professional consulting services that go beyond just testing.  MoldFreeMaine is here not to only help you identify potential indoor contaminants, but also resolve the issue at the source. 


Mold Free Maine works with homeowners, buyers, contractors, real estate professionals, and much more.

Mold & Moisture Inspections

Excess moisture or water is the single greatest contributor to bacterial and mold problems. Microbial growth can lead to potential health problems as well as destruction of building materials.

Indoor Air Quality Test

This is an inspection for contaminants that degrade the air you breathe in your home. MoldFreeMaine will test for bioaerosols(mold, bacterial, allergens) by sampling spores to compare the species and counts to the air outside.

Consulting Services

MoldFreeMaine has the tools and expertise to provide appropriate and effective solutions to air quality and mold manifestations in any type of building. We can go beyond just testing and help you understand the science of the building in order to solve the problem at the source.


When purchasing a home, the buyer wants the full inspection picture. Regular house inspectors are not trained to fully evaluate potential mold and moisture problems. MoldFreeMaine gives you a clear impression of the problems and quantifies exactly what it till take to fix them.

Home Building Science

There is much to understand when talking about the efficiency of a home or building. With years of construction experience Mold Free Maine can help with understanding what is really going on with the moisture and mold problems within your building or home.

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* Improved indoor air quality
*Increased value on your home
*Improved Health
*Home Efficiency

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All our staff comes to the job prepared with training, experience, and the proper equipment to quickly get the answers you need.



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