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We believe in a common sense a approach. With years of experience in both construction and inspecting, we are able to assist you in solving your home's problems in a uniquely comprehensive and cost-effective way.


Mold Free Maine works with homeowners, buyers, contractors, real estate professionals, and much more.

Mold & Moisture Inspections

Excess moisture or water is the single greatest contributor to bacterial and mold problems. Microbial growth can lead to potential health problems as well as destruction of building materials.

Indoor Air Quality Test

This is an inspection for contaminants that degrade the air you breathe in your home. MoldFreeMaine will test for bioaerosols(mold, bacterial, allergens) by sampling spores to compare the species and counts to the air outside.

Consulting Services

MoldFreeMaine has the tools and expertise to provide appropriate and effective solutions to air quality and mold manifestations in any type of building. We can go beyond just testing and help you understand the science of the building in order to solve the problem at the source.


When purchasing a home, the buyer wants the full inspection picture. Regular house inspectors are not trained to fully evaluate potential mold and moisture problems. MoldFreeMaine gives you a clear impression of the problems and quantifies exactly what it till take to fix them.

Home Building Science

There is much to understand when talking about the efficiency of a home or building. With years of construction experience Mold Free Maine can help with understanding what is really going on with the moisture and mold problems within your building or home.

General Querries!

Common questions asked, with simple & clear answers.

There is no good kind of mold.Mold Free Maine mold testing service identifies and quantifies all mold problems. We tell you whether your mold and/or moisture problem is something that can be cleaned up by you or a handyman or if professional remediation is needed.

There are specific protocols to follow when cleaning mold. Simply washing it with bleach will not take care of the cleanup nor the underlying problem that created the environment the mold needed to grow. In fact, bleach will leave behind an unpleasant chemical smell and unsightly residue.

Mold Free Maine identifies and quantifies the problem and determines whether it can be repaired by you or a handyman or if professional remediation needed. Professional remediators will follow strict protocols to make sure all the mold is removed and that none of the spores contaminate the clean parts of your home.

Real Estate: Mold Free Maine performs many escrow inspections for mold. We will quantify any mold problem we discover and let the buyer know exactly what is needed to have it remedied. If we thoroughly inspect for mold and moisture problems and do not find any, we’ve put the buyer’s mind at ease.

Homeowners: When homeowners have water damage or a leak, or notice a moldy odor, or feel symptoms that cause them to worry about mold, Mold Free Maine can help. We will do a thorough inspection to make sure they have a healthy home and to answer all their questions. If we find mold or moisture damage, we will pinpoint the problem and guide them in its cleanup or professional remediation.

Yes. When Mold Free Maine performs mold testing, we will insist that the lab identifies specific types of mold.


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