Breathe Easier

  • Air/Surface Testing
  • Detailed Quantitative Reporting
  • Mold Free Home Certification
  • Tailored Cost to Cure Estimates
  • In Depth Structural Study

Mold Remediation

We provide full certified mold remediation services.  Our certified mold remediators will stop the effects by removing the mold, cleaning/replacing the effected materials and fixing the issue at the source!

Mold & Air Testing

Mold Free Maine provides multiple types of mold tests. From air to surface, we can collect multiple samples in any type of environment. These samples will then be analyzed by the top laboratories in the country for accurate results.

Consulting & Inspections

When it is time to analyze the mold situation in your home Mold Free Maine can provide certified inspectors and consultants on demand.  These top professionals will break down each individual home and come up with the best solution to solve the problem.